used clothing from Germany

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We offer best quality of used clothing from Germany

We offer best quality of used clothing (Second Hand) from Germany. We are a start-up company and go a new way. We buy our clothes from private individuals, so to speak, first hand.

Let's go ask the question, how does our competition come to the clothes, what they sell more than Creamware?

In Germany, many of the companies that call themselves recycling companies are dressed in old clothes containers.
These old clothes containers are used by the population to dispose of old clothes which are usually no longer usable.
This is collected and sorted by our competitors.

We buy the used clothes. Our requirements are very high, with us you will find no clothes older than 3 years old.
Mostly we buy clothing without signs of use or even new and with label.
After the clothes were sorted, only real CREAMWARE is produced, which you can buy from us.

Quality of our clothing is so good that many secondhandshop dealers and flea market traders from Germany shop with us.

To our service it is for all our customers on request (for an extra charge) to organize a delivery.
All over Europe, our employees often even take their own clothes to ensure that you are satisfied with our quality of product and service.
Deliveries worldwide take place with a container and take about 4-6 weeks.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a reliable partner, so we offer better conditions for new customers and regular customers.

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