used clothing from Germany

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sport shoe


used shoes

Women's, men's and children's shoes
Minimal traces of use
In the bag 3-5 pairs of sports shoes
In the bag 3-5 pairs Bussinesshoes Man
You can choose summer or winter mix
Mixed with world famous brands


Cream quality, used clothing


used clothing

Women's, men's and children's
Without clothes torn
Without holes
Without non-removable spots
You can choose: summer, spring / autumn or winter


Töpfe Teller export


Kitchen Accessories

Pans and Plates
Glasses and Cups
Cutlery and much more



We offer best quality of used clothing from Germany

SECOND HAND GERMANY is a startup company that goes a new way, buying clothes from private individuals, so to speak, first-hand.

Let's ask ourselves how our competitors from Germany get second hand clothes, which they then sell as Premium (the best) -Quality?

In Germany, many companies, calling themselves recycling companies, arrange containers for old and unnecessary clothes. These containers are used by the population to dispose of old clothes, which are usually not suitable for use. This clothing is collected and sorted by our competitors. 

We buy second hand clothes from individuals. Our requirements are very high, we do not have clothes older than three years. Basically we buy clothes with no signs of use or even a new one with a label. After sorting, you get only real CREAMWARE (Premium-Quality), which you can buy from us.

Since we want to provide our Clients with only the best quality, and the demand is simply huge, it is best to learn all the details by phone.

The quality of our second hand clothes is so good, that many dealers of secondhand - boutiques and merchants from flea markets from Germany purchase goods from us.

Our service

SECOND HAND GERMANY organizing the delivery of goods to the destination. Throughout Europe, our employees often even personally deliver orders to ensure that you are satisfied with product quality and service. Deliveries to distant locations of the world are conducted with a container and take about 4-6 weeks. Payment for transportation occurs when the goods are received.

Currently, it is very difficult to find a reliable partner, so we offer the best conditions for new customers and regular customers.
Discounts and payment by installments are possible.

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