Find answers to frequently asked questions

1 What is the minimum order
The minimum order in Germany is:
1 Paket = 20 KG

The minimum order in the EU is:
1 Palet = 250 KG

The minimum order worldwide is:
12.000 KG

There is no minimum order for self-collection
2 How many kilograms fits in a 20 ", 40" container, pallet, shipping carton?
20 "container = 12.000 KG
40 "container = 25.500 KG
1 pallet = 250 KG
1 Paket = 20 KG
3 Can I just order shoes?
Up to 1000 KG, it is only possible to order shoes.
For larger quantities, the shoes can make a maximum of 20% of the total order.
That means: total order is 10.000 KG, of which a maximum of 2.000 KG shoes can be Remaining 8.000 KG (80%) must be clothing.
4 Can you order seasonal goods
With us there is the possibility to order clothes according to season.
We offer winter clothes and summer clothes, as well as winter shoes and summer shoes.
5 Can a delivery be organized?
We are happy to organize a delivery for you:
Throughout Europe it is possible to organize a delivery to the front door.
In countries outside the EU, only one delivery can be arranged to the port of your choice.
6 Delivery to private individuals
Within the EU, delivery to private persons is possible.
Worldwide, we deliver only to companies that have a valid tax number.
7 Register for delivery as a gift
Invoices are written for all our deliveries.
We do not register any deliveries as a gift.
8 Payment Methods and Terms of Payment
We accept the following payment methods:
PayPal, bank transfer, cash on collection
Terms of payment: only advance payment or cash on pickup
9 Can you visit a sorting plant beforehand and convince yourself of the quality of the goods?
You are always welcome to visit our warehouse and sorting plant.
Please make an appointment first.