second hand germany about us
I have set up this company to help a good friend
In the beginning, it should only be a one-time thing.
However, since I've noticed that the demand for used dresses and with good quality is giant,
I decided to build the company.

The special thing about our company is that we get the clothes from the old clothes containers.
We do not wait for someone to dispose of his clothes,
we buy the clothes directly from the private person (so to speak from the first hand).
It is logical that comes to us best quality and the rest to our competition.

- Our prices are unbeatable,
Since we sort only after 2 varieties and
Thus saving time and money

- Minimum order quantity 100 KG
Therefore many flea market sellers from the area have become our regular customers

- Delivery anywhere in the world
Because we work with a lot of transport companies,
There are no unrealizable projects for us, no matter where your business is located

- Highly Qualified Personnel ,which provides multilingual support.

We have not been on the market for so long,
Our company is developing very fast,
And only you have to decide:
Do you want to develop with us or do you want to be on a job?

Egor Lapaev